Factoring is a financial arrangement, yet it is not lending. Factoring is the purchase of accounts receivable at a discount. A notable difference between Factoring and Lending is the amount of service and personal interaction between the Factor, Client, and Account Debtors (Customers of the Client) Unlike Banks with business loans, we do not run personal credit checks on your company, nor do we run audits on your books, expect both of these and more with a business loan.

Services Provided:

  • UC Factors Credit Checks and Approves the Account Debtor
  • UC Factors Funds on Approved Invoices and Accepts the Risk
  • UC Factors is a Non Recourse Factor, If the approved Debtor goes Bankrupt we take the loss on open Factored Invoices
  • UC Factors follows up on Factored Invoices to ensure timely payments from Account Debtor (Collection Follow Up)
  • UC Factors pays Rebates the Same Day the Factored Invoice Pays
  • UC Factors provides the Client with Detailed, easy to understand reports
  • UC Factors Management and Staff are always accessible during work hours, no voices mail, always a live person!


  • Factoring improves your cash flow by 30 to 60 days.
  • Non-Recourse Factoring removes your credit risk
  • Factoring can reduce administration overhead because UC Factors handles credit
    and collection on invoices factored.
  • Factoring gives the kind of financial support that allows you to take on more business with confidence.
  • Factoring with UC Factors is a partnership; we care about our client’s growth and stability.

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